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Esther Tonks

British programmer with C1 German currently living in Berlin.

Versatile and multi-talented programmer with extensive experience in application tools programming, simulation, graphics and games. Primarily working in C++.

Worked in diverse industries such as simulation, CAD/CAM, games and mobile apps.

First female student at Teesside University to gain a work placement in the games industry and graduated with a 1st class Computer Visualisation degree.

Credited on Driver: Parallel Lines and Driver: San Francisco.

I have always been dedicated to continuous learning and am now looking forward to an exciting new professional challenge after a planned period for personal development and establishing myself in Germany. I am available immediately.


my projects

Examples of work

View a range of projects I've worked on in my free time and professionally. These include my current project - my Ray Tracing demo, along with information about my contributions to Mixdown, my animation editor, and the Autodesk Visualiser tech demo that I played a key role in developing at Blitz Games Studios.

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Work Experience

Experienced C++ programmer with a background in simulation, tools, mesh, and animation programming for console and PC games, as well as iOS development. Most recently I have been involved in the development of simulation for manufacturing in the CAD/CAM industry. With a proven track record of collaborating effectively with teammates, users, designers, and product managers, I have successfully implemented innumerous features which have enhanced software reliability and functionality.

I decided during the COVID-19 pandemic to dedicate a period of time to personal development, establishing myself in Germany, improving my German language skills to a high standard, and working on inspiring programming projects. During this period, I initially concentrated on language learning and achieved a C1 proficiency level in German, leading to passing the Goethe-Zertifikat C1 exam at the Goethe-Institut in Berlin. I also took the opportunity to explore Germany extensively, taking advantage of the Deutschland rail ticket.

I am also developing a real-time Ray Tracer for personal interest and I am now looking forward to moving into a new role within user application or tools programming, simulation, AI, graphics, or games, where I can continue to advance and develop my skills.

C++ 90%
Debugging, testing and modifying large code bases. 95%
3D programming and mesh manipulation 85%
Application and Tools programming 95%
Java/Swift/HTML5 60%

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