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Esther Tonks

British programmer with C1 German currently living in Berlin.

Versatile and multi-talented programmer with extensive experience across diverse industries. Primarily working in C++.

Track record of developing and testing high-quality, dependable, and user-friendly applications.

Experienced in handling codebases of all sizes and loves to expand expertise into new or challenging areas.

Passionate about continuous learning and development.


my projects

Examples of work

View a range of projects I've worked on in my free time and professionally. These include my current project - my Ray Tracing demo, along with information about my contributions to Mixdown, my animation editor, and the Autodesk Visualiser tech demo that I played a key role in developing at Blitz Games Studios.

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C++ 90%
Application and Tools programming 95%
Debugging, testing and modifying code bases, large or small. 95%
2D/3D programming and mesh manipulation 90%
Performance Analysis 90%
Unit/System Testing 90%
Team Collaboration 95%
Software Design/Refactoring 90%

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