MXDN music was an innovative app start-up in which my role was CTO and programmer. I worked together with our CEO (who is an experienced game designer) and our art designer on the development of the Mixdown App, continuing the work of the original developer when he left for career related reasons.

The Mixdown App introduced a novel approach to music creation and sharing, and was released successfully on the app store with a 40% day one retention rate. Traditional music creation often requires years of practice, expensive instruments, or complex software. The Mixdown App aimed to democratise music creation by enabling users to craft unique compositions using celebrity voice samples and content, eliminating the need for specialised equipment or training.

The app simplified music creation to a fun process which involved drawing an image and using a drag-and-drop process to layer beats onto it. Users could share their creations across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Musical.ly.

The app won the startup pitches at the STHLM Tech Meetup Pitchoff in Stockholm in April 2017. It also attracted attention from Stockholm-based business angels, however, securing external funding proved to be a formidable challenge, and ultimately the project was put on hold for financial reasons.